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Band info

Everclear are:-

Art Alexakis: Guitar, vocals
Craig Montoya: Bass, vocals
Greg Eklund: Drums, vocals

Band Info

Everclear were formed in Portland, Oregon in 1991.  Their line up consisted of Art Alexakis (vocals, guitar), Craig Montoya (bass, vocals), and Scott Cuthbert (drums,vocals).  Alexakis had previously worked as a roadie for a succession of north-west punk bands.  Indulging himself in copious quantities of drugs, he only decided to start his own band when a cocaine overdose temporarily stopped his heart.  Early comparisons to Nirvana (exacerbated by the singer's blonde hair) went into overdrive when Kurt Cobain publicly stated his approval.

They recorded their "World of Noise" demo for only $400, which became their 1993 debut album.  Greg Eklund then replaced Cuthbert on drums in 1994.  It was followed by a mini-album, White Trash Hell, again on Fire Records, before a major recording contract with Capitol Records.  Their second album, released in 1995 was "Sparkle and Fade".  Santa Monica became one of the biggest modern rock hits of 1996, while other songs like Heroin Girl and Heartspark Dollarsign helped gain the band national fame. Their newest album, "So Much For the Afterglow" debuted on the Billboard top 200 at 33 and it's first single, "Everything to Everyone" reached #1 on the Modern Rock Charts.

Everclear have also been a successful band in the British charts as well with "Everything to Everyone" getting quite high in the top 40.  With "So Much For the Afterglow" being also a very successful album in the UK.

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