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Name: Craig G Valentine.
Age: 17.
Starsign: Virgo.

My name is Craig Valentine, I am 17 years old and live in a small village, Killearn. Its a little village about 16 miles north of Glasgow, in Scotland. I am about 5''6' (155 cm) tall with long, occasionally short, blonde middle parted hair and blue eyes.  I go to Balfron High School which is 3 miles away from my home village Killearn, I am now in fourth year. I was born in the Queen Mary hospital in Glasgow I was born on the 24th August 1983, so that would make my star sign Virgo.

I am doing my second set of highers at school now. Last year I did Geography, Maths, Chemistry, English and Computing and i got BCCCC. This year I am doing Advanced Geography, History and am resitting Maths and Chemistry, to see if I can get them a bit better.

When I leave school I hope to go to university and hopefully study, guess what, computing or some kind of other related course at Glasgow University. Then am gonna go on and get some kinda of mega well paid job and become a millionaire. So there. If am not so lucky as to do that I'll be knockin' on your local high street, begging.

I have to elder brothers Gordon (21) and Douglas (24). Gordon is not at Stow College studying computing and Douglas is not at Caledonian University studying, yes, computing as well. My dad is an Information Systems Manager at a company called Alcan Rolled Products Ltd,  my mum is a self employed home help. I have a cute little West Highland White Terrier called Ghillie. He is three years old.  My brother Gordon also has a network of websites (mine are far better, am sure you'll agree).

I love music, when am not watching T.V. or writing websites am listening to my favorite bands on my stereo. My favorite T.V. programs are The X-Files, Friends, Red Dwarf and The Simpsons. I also enjoy listening to Placebo I especially love Pure Morning. Besides my music I also love to ride my bike a Trek 930shx, if you have any bike questions to ask, then am the one to to talk to. I am a cycling fanatic, my favorite magazine being Mountain Biking UK. I know everything there is to know about bikes, I am planning to get my self a new bike, a Trek 8000SL.

I like the following bands: Foo Fighters, Placebo, Green Day, Everclear, Bon Jovi, Space, Black Sabbath and M-People (I don't know why I just do). I have websites on Everclear and Foo Fighters, I am always writing some sort of website or another, though only the best go on the web.

There are many ways in which you can reach me. You can comment on my websites or just leave me messages which I will try and reply to.You could e-mail me at  I have a Yahoo pager name which is Craig.Valentine.

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